Welcome to Gresham Pediatric Dentistry

Gresham Pediatric Dentistry (GPD) provides dental care for children of all ages and special needs children. GPD clearly understands that the greatest challenge of pediatric dentistry is helping young patients feel comfortable and worry-free while in the dental chair.

In 2007, Dr. Jiyoung Elizabeth Lee acquired the 30-year-old practice in Gresham, OR. Being a parent herself, Dr. Lee goes to great lengths to ease the concerns of moms and dads of her patients. She takes great pride in the fact that so many area dentists refer their patients to Gresham Pediatric Dentistry.

If needed, Gresham Pediatric Dentistry offers different levels of sedation for patients (minimal or moderate sedation in the office or general anesthesia at Emanuel Hospital. Preventative care programs are tailored specifically for each patient. Other specialty dental procedures include ceramic crowns, kiddie partials, and habit appliances.

Dr. Lee and the entire staff at Gresham Pediatric Dentistry want you and your child’s visit to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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Kiddie Partials

Dr. Lee provides an appliance that is called a Kiddie or Pedo partial for young children who lose a tooth due to tooth decay or injury to a tooth. This Kidde Partial is fixed (glued) on the baby’s molar. It is an elective procedure based on parent’s preferences.

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Ceramic Crowns

At Gresham Pediatric Dentistry, we are one of the few dental providers in the area offering ceramic crowns for children. Ceramic crowns have been available for quite awhile but only for adults. These crowns are very durable yet visually pleasing.

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Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction, or better known as ‘getting a tooth pulled’, is a common procedure performed at Gresham Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Lee’s philosophy is to do everything possible to save a child’s tooth but when necessary she can perform the procedure in a pain-free manner.

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