What is ‘pediatric dentistry’?

We are a pediatric dental practice which means we specialize in treating infants, children and teenagers.

As a parent, you know the vast changes and variety of stages children go through as they grow and mature. At Gresham Pediatric Dentistry, our approach to oral health and dental care evolves along with the child, meeting them step by step as they blossom from infancy to adolescence.  

Dentistry for kids is not a watered-down version of adult dentistry. Getting it right at these early stages is crucial.

Our family-centered approach promotes prevention with the hope of minimizing the need for extensive restorative dental work.  We are always available to LISTEN, to DISCUSS your concerns and ANSWER your questions. Our ultimate goal is to provide the most kind and gentle dental care grounded in up-to-date, evidence-based information.  You will never be surprised and always informed.